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Why the Instit2te

Consistent values

We appreciate the importance of shared values in training, and recognise that some NLP is delivered in a way that can be perceived as manipulative, evangelical, ‘Californian hype’, without a real understanding of public service issues and values. 

The Instit2te exists to deliver NLP training and other services in a way that is consistent with public service values, by people who are skilled in NLP and experienced in public service, and at prices that offer good value for the public purse.

Our training:-

◊   offers practical approaches that have an effect on services and in the workplace, improving outcomes, and enhancing performance and the achievement of results

◊   supports individual and organisational growth, in order to provide quality service

◊   encourages and enables collaboration across stakeholders and partner agencies

As trainers we:-

◊   work with congruence, respect, and integrity –  we train with people, not at people

◊   are we open to learning ourselves.

◊   keep group size small to form positive relationships with each participant, and help them in their learning journeys.

◊   want participants to use what they learn, care about how they apply what they learn, and coach with practical skills.