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Why NLP for Public Service 

Enhancing the experience of people who use services

We recognise the importance of public service in our society, and are passionate that people who access public service get a quality experience.  We know that in many instances, NLP processes can be used to enhance the experience of people who use services - in education, health care, social care etc

•    teaching people how to manage their own experience better

•    helping them to operate more at their best more of the time

•    easing distress and supporting therapeutic change

Supporting staff and managers

We understand that quality public service depends not just on strategies, policies and targets, but also on the ‘people processes’ on which service delivery depends – individual morale, motivation, the way people relate and communicate with each other.  We know that managers and front line staff have to balance day to day delivery of service and responding to change agendas.

We appreciate that this presents challenges of:-

•    improving effectiveness and enhancing performance

•    managing uncertainty and frequent change, and staying personally resilient and resourceful

•    working collaboratively, addressing difference, dealing with unhelpful dynamics

We know that NLP processes offer practical responses to these challenges, both organisationally and individually.