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The Know How Programme

The Know How Programme is a psycho-educational programme designed to help children and young people learn how people think, communicate, act and relate to each other, so they can develop skills that enable them to think, communicate, act and relate in ways that are personally and socially most useful.

Why do we need a programme like this?

Do you believe that it is beneficial for some children and young people to:

  •  understand and manage their own emotional state better;

  •  better understand their own learning preference and become self directed learners;

  •  develop their own self esteem and raise aspirations;

  •  reduce conflict, and engage better with others?

Human beings aren’t provided with an instruction manual when we enter the world.  While we are gifted with the most amazing bio-chemical computer, the operator’s manual isn’t provided, so we learn what we can about how to think, communicate, manage our feelings, and behave through the conscious efforts of parents, family and teachers.  Perhaps more importantly we also learn, out of conscious awareness, by modelling or copying thinking patterns and emotional and behavioural responses of others.  For some this delivers positive life enhancing results, for many a mix of good and bad, while others develop patterns that are limiting personally and socially.

This programme is designed to assist young people to learn how people think, communicate, act and relate to each other, so they can develop skills that enable them to think, communicate, act and relate in ways that are personally and socially most useful.  Developed by Christine Mitchell an experienced teacher, Head of Department and Master Practitioner of NLP, it includes a range of well established frameworks and techniques from NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), T. A. (Transactional Analysis), learning theory, Solution Focused coaching, and humanistic psychology.  The Know How Programme translates some of the most useful aspects of these approaches into child friendly language, activities, and techniques.

The Programme Aims

The Know How Programme aims to help participants to:-

clock Recognise their own patterns of thinking feeling and behaving, and learn how to change unhelpful patterns so that they manage negative emotional responses better, and access positive states more of the time.

clock Learn to enhance their own learning by …..

   ♦   accessing optimal emotional and brain states for learning

   ♦   recognising and satisfying their own learning style preferences

   ♦   giving learning and aspiration personal meaning, and creating motivating outcomes

   ♦   practising strategies that develop self esteem, and techniques that improve study skills.

clock Relate better with others, be more tolerant of difference, and manage conflict.

What does the Programme include?

Content includes ….

  1. models for understanding the behaviour of ourselves and others;
  2. emotional state management techniques;
  3. communication and rapport skills;
  4. dealing positively with difference;
  5. learning and study skills;
  6. self esteem and aspiration

How is it delivered?

The Know How programme is taught to young people in a small group setting over a number of sessions. 

What are the results

In the first intakes, involving groups of students at risk of exclusion attending one day a week for 10 weeks, the young people participating achieved 100% attendance (even those who had previously poor attendance histories).

An entry and exit assessment completed by the students indicated the largest improvements in relation to confidence in learning, preparedness for learning, perceived learning capacity and self regard as a learner, all of which are vital if young people are to achieve.

For more information about the Know How Programme, contact Christine Mitchell This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it