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Working with Hard to Reach Families Training

Module 2: Working with reluctant to change families
 20th - 21st March 2014
Learning Centre, Child Action Northwest, Blackburn

9.30 - 4.00

Course fee £200 + vat

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“Absolutely inspiring – everyone working with families should access these 6 days”  Homestart Coordinator

◊   Do your staff work with families who are difficult to engage?

◊   Do they offer home visits and there is often no one in?

◊   Do they put on activities and no one shows after the first week?

◊   Would they like more confidence in working with families?

◊   Are you looking for practical and innovative tools that build on existing models and practices?

Some families and individuals can access, connect and utilise existing services to good effect.  Some are excluded, or harder to reach – they cannot, will not or don’t know how to engage and utilise services that are available for them. 

These training courses are designed for people who work with families who are hard to reach, hard to work with, or excluded.  The courses contain practical tools drawn from NLP (*) to assist staff to engage with more families, encourage change, and help raise aspirations.

“A fantastic way of understanding others, with brilliant toolkits”

- Surestart worker

The courses draw on both leading edge and established practical approaches from NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), TA (Transactional Analysis) and other humanistic psychologies, delivered in a practical and accessible way.  They are designed to equip staff who have face to face contact with recipients and / or potential recipients with additional skills to enhance rapport and engagement, influence motivation and help raise aspirations.

“Practical strategies and techniques to motivate and aspire parents and families” 

Outreach worker

Trainers: Glenda Grimsley and Lisa Robinson are experienced trainers, and a Master Practitioners of NLP, with extensive expertise and a proven track record in delivering services for hard to reach individuals and families.

>>book online<<