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NLP Foundation Diploma

Managing and Working During Change and Uncertainty

for managers & staff in public service

Module 1:  12th - 13th November

Module 2:  26th - 27th November 2013

The Learning Centre, Child Action NW, Blackburn

Fee:  £450 + vat (employer sponsored)

discounted to £300 + vat (self funding)

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We are delighted to be able to offer staff & managers working in public service an opportunity to discover the processesand techniques that make NLP(*) such a powerful approach to change, development and enhanced performance, at an individual level, in working with others, and organisationally.

The change has been outstanding, there is a new confidence about how we achieve our goals.”

(J. W., Service Manager)

“Of all the study I have been involved in regarding people, organisational development, learning and development and HR practice, never has something made so much sense so simply and practically”. (G. C., O.D. Consultant, Borough Council )

“This NLP is glorious stuff” (S. W., Head teacher)

Foundation Diploma training introduces the principles on which Neuro Linguistic Programming is based, and teaches foundation skills and techniques.

Course content includes :-

understanding perception, thinking, communication and behaviour

the keys to effectiveness and interpersonal influence

working to outcomes and creating motivating futures

reading non verbal signals,

enhancing rapport and developing influence

dealing constructively with interpersonal differences

accessing positive feelings at will, and dealing with negative emotions

enhancing personal performance

Trainer Chris Grimsley is internationally certified as a trainer of NLP, and is passionately interested in the contribution NLP can make within public services. He has delivered this course to a wide variety of public service staff in health, social care, education, and voluntary sectors.

Subject to full attendance, participants will be eligible for the International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA) Foundation Diploma Certificate.

Times 9.30 – 5.00.

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